Byobugaura Cliffs

Witness the Wondrous Striped Cliffs of Chiba’s Byobugaura

While it may be easier to call Byobugaura Cliffs the “Dover of the Orient,” no words could properly convey the serenity of this colorful jagged landscape lining the Chiba coastline.

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While it’s a mouthful to say Byobugaura, you’ll be speechless upon seeing the stunning “Dover of the Orient!”

While it’s a mouthful to say Byobugaura, you’ll be speechless upon seeing the stunning “Dover of the Orient!”

Stretching across six miles of Chiba’s coastline from Choshi City to Asahi City, the Byobugaura Cliffs were subjected to violent waves over the millennia, giving them their unique and uneven appearance. Weaving along Pacific Ocean shores, the cliffs, with heights as tall as 50 meters, are noted for the three distinct strata on display. From top to bottom lies the Kanto Loam Stratum, comprising a reddish volcanic material deposited during ancient eruptions from Mount Fuji and Mount Hakone; the layered rocks date back to prehistoric eras, and resemble the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

Erosion has caused land around the cliffs to retreat, losing around 3.7 miles in the last 700 years alone, creating a naturally dramatic setting. And the area has been used as such, serving as a frequent location for shooting TV shows, films and commercials. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese government has designated the cliffs a Place of Scenic Beauty, as well as a Natural Monument.

If you want to appreciate the scale and the striations of the cliffs, as well as the imposing Chiba coast, there’s a footpath skirting the edge of the formation near Choshi Marina. And though the Byobugaura Cliffs are on Japan’s eastern coastline, they are pinned to a little peninsula facing southwest. As a result, you may not be able to see the sunrise, but you might catch an amazing sunset as the sun disappears behind Mount Fuji, especially on clear winter days.

Byobugaura Cliffs

Byobugaura Cliffs

Take in the natural splendor of the Chiba coastline at the Byobugaura Cliffs, making sure to get some stunning shots of the “Dover of the Orient” for your social media feeds. Only an hour by car from Narita International Airport, and only three hours from Tokyo by train, it’s a great place to begin or end your Japan journey.


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