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Sado Gold Mine Historic Site

Located off the coast of Niigata Prefecture in the Sea of Japan, the remote island of Sado holds a unique place in Japanese history. Learn about how this former gold mine was a shining part of the Jap…

Family Fun History Traditions Art & Culture Sites NIIGATA

Aizu Samurai School Nisshinkan

Samurai culture still thrives in Aizuwakamatsu, a castle town in central Fukushima. A distinguished school aims to keep traditions alive by introducing the authentic culture of the ancient samurai war…

History Experience Traditions Art & Culture Sites Family Fun FUKUSHIMA

Asakusa and TOKYO mizumachi

Step back in time as you traverse Asakusa, the downtown of days past. The entertainment district of Edo, Tokyo’s former name, is a mash-up of history and culture right in the heart of the capital city…

Sites Temples & Shrines Shopping History Traditions TOKYO

Tomioka Silk Mill

Japan’s first silk model factory is now a place where visitors can come learn about the history and development of the nation’s raw silk industry less than two hours from Tokyo. (Photo provided by Gun…

Family Fun History Traditions Art & Culture Sites GUNMA


Known for unique clay warehouses, the former castle town of Kawagoe has so much in store for visitors to Saitama. Learn about the historical area and chomp on traditional treats while wearing a kimono…

Experience Art & Culture Sites Temples & Shrines Scenery Family Fun History Traditions SAITAMA

Minobusan Kuonji Temple

Waiting high up on Mt. Minobu is an area that just might be the place to catch your breath and center yourself. From the fresh crisp air of the mountains to the morning meditations offered at Kuonji T…

History Traditions Experience Onsen(Hot Springs) Cuisine Sites Temples & Shrines Food & Drink Relaxing Stay YAMANASHI

Mashiko Ware Pottery

Embrace the town of Mashiko, where culture, art, natural beauty, history, and craftsmanship have combined to create a unique form of Japanese pottery and a National Traditional Craft.

Sites Shopping History Traditions Art & Culture TOCHIGI

Mt. Nokogiri & Nihonji Temple

Less than two hours from Tokyo in an area of natural marvels, visitors can enjoy the remarkable atmosphere at Nihonji Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple on the mystical Mount Nokogiri. History buffs w…

Sites Scenery Nature & Outdoor Temples & Shrines History Traditions Relaxing Stay CHIBA

Aizu Kendo Experience

Kick it old school in Aizuwakamatsu as you learn the basics of Japanese swordplay in one of Japan’s most revered samurai cities, right in the heart of Fukushima.

Activities History Traditions Family Fun Art & Culture Experience Sites FUKUSHIMA

Zenkoji Temple

Live the life of a Buddhist monk, from early morning meditation to sampling the delectable vegetarian cuisine, while experiencing the peaceful surroundings of Zenkoji Temple in Nagano.

Experience Cuisine Food & Drink Temples & Shrines History Traditions Relaxing Stay NAGANO

Yamanashi Wine Country

Yamanashi is the most prolific wine region of Japan with over 140 years of growing experience, producing a third of all the wine made domestically. So there’s simply no better place to tour vineyards …

History Traditions Cuisine Shopping Food & Drink Art & Culture Experience Sites YAMANASHI


Walk along a route once used by pilgrims, aristocrats, and merchants in ancient Japan as you wander the Nagano streets of Narai-juku, one of the best-preserved stations of the Nakasendo route that con…

History Traditions Art & Culture Sites Scenery NAGANO

Tokozenji Temple

While you may be familiar with the word Zen, the best way to start a path to understanding this branch of Buddhism is to experience it for yourself. And this can be done right in Yokohoma, Tokyo’s nei…

Experience Temples & Shrines History Traditions Art & Culture KANAGAWA

Sawara’s Historical District

If you’re looking to escape the fast pace of the big cities, fewer places are better than the serene Sawara’s Historical District. Once an important trading town, this area of Chiba has kept its rusti…

Art & Culture Sites Temples & Shrines Scenery Family Fun History Traditions CHIBA

Takasaki Daruma

Daruma, hollow and rounded dolls generally made from paper, are one of Japan’s most enduring lucky icons. In Takasaki, visitors can try their hand at the craft in a workshop led by artisans recognized…

History Traditions Shopping Art & Culture Experience GUNMA

Sakura City Samurai Tour

Stroll like a samurai in the city of Sakura, home to well-preserved traditional homes, sword masters, and serene bamboo groves that look straight out of a Kurosawa film.

Art & Culture Activities Scenery Family Fun History Traditions Experience CHIBA

Nikko Toshogu

Enter a spiritual world filled with natural beauty, lavish detailing, and vibrant coloring.

Traditions History Scenery Art & Culture TOCHIGI

Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy

Only a short trip from Narita Airport, the Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy lies in Naritasan Park, near Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. Enrich your journey into Japanese art and style by learning about th…

History Traditions Art & Culture Sites CHIBA

Matsumoto Castle

Only two hours from Tokyo by train lies Matsumoto, home to one of the best-preserved castles in Japan. Matsumoto Castle is a National Treasure of Japan, and one you have to see with your own eyes.

History Traditions Scenery Art & Culture Sites NAGANO

Kencho-ji Temple

Kamakura is a hotspot for some of Japan’s most significant temples and shrines. Many of these revered locations are connected by beautiful hiking trails, and traversing them provides meaningful encoun…

History Nature & Outdoor Temples & Shrines KANAGAWA

Sado Island

Delve into Japanese historical legend and marvel at the protected natural beauty on this incredible island off the shore of Niigata Prefecture. Check out a largely untouched side of Japan for an unfor…

History Sites Activities NIIGATA

Kairakuen & Kodokan

You’re invited to escape the crowds of the major cities and journey to Ibaraki Prefecture, where you can take a carefree walk of one of Japan’s most famous gardens, before learning about the culture a…

Family Fun History Traditions Art & Culture Sites Scenery IBARAKI

Suifu Chochin Lanterns

Traditional crafts are always in style in Japan and one such city to create your own piece of culture is Mito, the capital city of Ibaraki where you’ll learn all about the famed Suifu chochin lanterns…

Shopping History Traditions Art & Culture Experience IBARAKI

Furumine Shrine

Head out to Tochigi’s mountainous Furumine Shrine, where you can wish for good luck or good health under the stunning colors of fall, or any time of the year.

Temples & Shrines History Traditions Art & Culture Scenery TOCHIGI

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