Fruit Picking in Gunma

Picking the Perfect Fruits on a Gunma Farm

Gunma, home to some of the juiciest fruits and vibrant vegetables in Japan, is waiting for travelers to taste the bounty of the region. And we know just the spot to enjoy the seasonality of the prefecture directly from the source.

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Head out to Gunma to try some of the tastiest fruit in Japan, fresh from the tree!

Head out to Gunma to try some of the tastiest fruit in Japan, fresh from the tree!

Approximately 60 miles northwest of Tokyo lies Gunma Prefecture, a place blessed with rich, fertile soil and plenty of arable farmland. The topography of the prefecture, where some of Japan’s tastiest seasonal crops are harvested, contains vast plains surrounded by mountainous areas. When combined with the temperate lowland climate, the landscape has ideal conditions for growing fruits and vegetables. In fact, you can forage for a range of luscious berries, apples, pears, giant grapes, juicy cherries, mushrooms, and leafy cabbages all from Gunma.

Japanese fruit and vegetable farms are highly dependent on climate shifts over the course of the seasons, and Gunma is no different. The prefecture is home to local varieties of high-quality produce, such as yayoihime strawberries, Gunma meigetsu apples, and more. Yayoihime strawberries are characterized by their vibrant red color, and their balance between sweet and acidic. Gunma meigetsu apples, on the other hand, are mainly yellow, and known for their mellow sweetness. Be sure to try these popular seasonal treats if you visit at the right time of year!

Throughout the year, visitors to Kajitsu no Sato Harada Farm in Numata City can join in the fruit-picking fun. However, the seasons still control which crops are ready to be harvested upon any given visit. While strawberries last through winter and spring, summer is the time for cherries, blueberries and peaches. In the fall, grapes, apples, and Chinese cabbage make their appearance. Mushrooms are available year round. While there are “taste hunting” experiences available throughout the year, be on the lookout for seasonal events like strawberry jam-making classes in the winter. Plus, they sell all kinds of fruit-based treats and souvenirs along with products made from locally grown ingredients.

Fruit Picking in Gunma

Fruit Picking in Gunma

Make a sweet day trip out of fruit and vegetable picking in Gunma. Just 2 hours north of Tokyo by car or train, Kajitsu no Sato Harada Farm has the freshest seasonal produce around. And while you’re in the region, make sure you check out a few other interesting attractions on our model itinerary to complete your trip.


Kajitsu no Sato Harada Farm
1294 Yokozuka-machi, Numata City, Gunma 378-0002


Kajitsu no Sato Harada Farm
Tel: +81 278-22-3991

Business hours

08:00 - 17:00 (Summer) (reception closes at 16:00)
09:00 - 16:30 (Winter) (reception closes at 15:30)

WEB site

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