JR Tadami Line

Ride the rails and see astonishing sights on the JR Tadami Line

Visitors to Fukushima Prefecture should definitely check out a scenic ride on the famous Tadami Line, offering breathtaking views of castles, temples, rivers, towns and serene landscapes, immersing them in Japan’s heartland of traditional homesteads.

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Awe and wonder await on one of Japan’s most romantic train journeys.

Awe and wonder await on one of Japan’s most romantic train journeys.

This scenic railway line stretches 135km from Aizu-Wakamatsu Station in Fukushima Prefecture to Koide Station in Niigata Prefecture. Before boarding, however, a trip to Kitakata to savour its historic ramen is a must for food lovers. Appetites appeased, passengers can enjoy a comfortable train journey sweeping through dense forests and farmland and gliding across rivers.

The route is in full operation once again after more than a decade of restoration due to torrential rains in 2011. Passing over the Tadami Bridge never fails to fill passengers with a sense of awe and has become the iconic moment of the trip.

The JR Tadami Line is the perfect daytime experience for any visitor to Japan, providing incredible vistas of the surrounding area, including famous architecture and natural beauty. The line features views of Tsurugajo Castle, Fukushima’s most famous castle; Enzoji Temple, a historic site over 1,300 years old; Tadami River, surrounded by lush forest on both sides; Kaneyama Town, with incredible views of verdant valleys; and Oku-Aizu, a serene landscape highlighting Japan’s heartland of farms and traditional homesteads.

JR Tadami Line

JR Tadami Line

The first stop on Fukushima’s JR Tadami Line is Aizu-Wakamatsu Station, which is directly accessible by transferring to the Ban-Etsusai Line at Koriyama Station. The line is 135 kilometers (84 miles) long and runs from Aizu-Wakamatsu to Koide Station in neighboring Niigata Prefecture. After torrential rains damaged the Tadami Line in 2011, it was finally fully re-opened in October 2022. Please enjoy this chance to travel on the Tadami Line and take in some of Fukushima Prefecture’s most amazing sights.


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