Hakone Hot Springs

Harness the Healing Waters of Hakone

Shake off the chill of winter, or any season for that matter, with a dip in the refreshing hot spring waters of Hakone. A quick day trip from Tokyo is just what the doctor ordered for weary travelers who need a break from the Tokyo streets.

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Less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo, Hakone is the perfect weekend getaway if you want to relax and revel in natural scenery.

Less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo, Hakone is the perfect weekend getaway if you want to relax and revel in natural scenery.

Known nationwide for its hot springs or onsen, Hakone is a sprawling area spread over hills and mountains, and liberally dotted with hot spring resorts, inns, and leisure activities for those hours when you’re not soaking in the revitalizing springs. Depending on the area, the water properties change and offer differing benefits. The sulfur springs of the Ashinoyu area, for example, are said to be good for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema.

Generally, onsen rules dictate that the bather be totally nude, and baths are segregated by gender. Some hot springs allow bathers to use bathing suits, so different ages and genders can enjoy the baths, each with a different feature. There are also baths that augment the waters; herbs and yuzu citrus fruits, red wine, and more!

For those seeking a more refined experience, many hotels have either “family baths” that can be reserved by the hour, or even private in-room baths, some with spectacular mountain views. And for day-trippers, a visit to a spa allows for the full experience, complete with rotenburo, or outdoor baths surrounded by nature. While a visit to Hakone’s hot springs is wonderful in any season, they are particularly tantalizing in autumn when the changing leaves creating a blazing scenic backdrop. Also in winter, when the bite of cold contrasts with the bone-deep warmth of the mineral springs.

Hakone Hot Springs

Hakone Hot Springs

Only an hour and a half away by train and bus from the city of Tokyo lies the serenity of Hakone, one of Japan’s most famous hot spring areas. While we recommend taking it easy and letting your mind wander as the springs bubble around you, we’ve got a list of model itineraries here that’s full of exciting things to do in Hakone once you’ve rested your bones. https://tokyoandaroundtokyo.com/plan-your-trip/moving-art-in-greater-tokyo/


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