Kiyosato Terrace

Take in the Cool Summer Breeze at Kiyosato Terrace

As the 1,100-meter-long Panorama Lift allows visitors to escape the summer heat of nearby Tokyo, Sun Meadows Kiyosato proves to be a popular spot for visitors to soak up the mountain sun while comfortably cooling off.

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Stay above it all at Kiyosato Terrace, a cool, natural escape from the heat and hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

Stay above it all at Kiyosato Terrace, a cool, natural escape from the heat and hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

At 1,900 meters, the natural mountain breeze of Kiyosato Terrace offers the perfect place to escape the scorching Tokyo summer heat high up in the Yatsugatake Mountains. If the sky isn’t clear enough for a romantic Mount Fuji viewing, the café hosts romantic illumination events in August, perfect for a special date night. For those looking to explore, the Flower Lift takes visitors on a ride over an area covered in colorful wildflowers in the summer months. For those who’d rather stretch their legs, there’s a walking course that winds around the lush greenery. Serious hikers can opt for the hour-long trek to Kiyosato Terrace, starting from the Utsukushinomori Information Center.

While taking in natural splendor, the Terrace Café offers ice cream, smoothies, coffee drinks and sweets along with several seating options. Go on and enjoy some high-altitude treats while taking in the view of the Japanese Alps from the highest viewpoint in the Kiyosato area.

Kiyosato Terrace is open from the end of May to early November, but be sure to check for up-to-date information before visiting. The terrace is a ski resort in winter months, perfect for anyone looking for a day on the slopes while staying near Tokyo.

Kiyosato Terrace

Kiyosato Terrace

Looking for a place to stretch your legs and soak in some incredible view of Mt. Fuji? Look no further than Kiyosato Terrace, just a few hours from Tokyo by train! Ambitious hikers can walk to Kiyosato Terrace from the Utsukushinomori Information Center, where they can enjoy the scenery along with a well-earned drink or some tasty treats.


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