Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

Forge a Blade at Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

In the industrial city of Sanjo, learn the basics of blacksmithing and create a handcrafted souvenir that displays your newfound skills.

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Dive into the world of blacksmithing at Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo in Sanjo, a city long renowned for its iron crafts manufacturing.

Dive into the world of blacksmithing at Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo in Sanjo, a city long renowned for its iron crafts manufacturing.

Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo opened in 2005 as an experience facility aimed at introducing people to and promoting blacksmith techniques. The dojo offers three permanent courses—knife sharpening, Japanese nail making, and letter opener-making—as well as one-off courses throughout the year.

Although the courses are held only in Japanese, the teachers’ easy-to-follow demonstrations, kindness, and patience, make the lessons perfect for beginners in any language. Depending on the course, you can learn how to heat, polish, cut, and shave iron, as well as shape it with a hammer. After your hard work, you will be left with a unique souvenir imbued with memories of your experience. Reservations are not required for up to three people. Conditions vary for group reservations with four or more people so please check the website.

During the Edo period (1603-1868), blacksmithing flourished in Sanjo. Demand for farming tools grew in place of weapons needed in preceding eras. Also, since the area experienced damaging floods yearly, Sanjo invited Japanese nail craftsmen from Edo (Tokyo) to mentor farmers so they had another form of income when their fields were unusable. Thanks to this booming industry, the Echigo Sanjo Blacksmithing group was established, and today you can still experience these traditional techniques at Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo. The facility is home to a training room with desks, a projector, and broadcasting equipment, as well as a workshop full of electric and gas furnaces, water sharpeners, whetstones, and more for hands-on experiences.

Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo

Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo is about a 3-minute walk from JR Kita-Sanjo Station on the JR Yahiko Line. After the immersive experience, you will find yourself leaving the workshop with a newfound respect for the long enduring craft.


Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo
11-53 Motomachi, Sanjo City, Niigata 955-0072

Phone number

+81 256-34-8080

Business hours

9:00–17:00 (the reception desk is open until 15:00)
Closed on Mondays and from Dec 29 to Jan 3 (if Monday is a holiday, closed on the following day).


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