Ponshukan Echigo Yuzawa

Sample Niigata’s Finest without Leaving the Station

The pure snow of Niigata is well known for helping to create some of the best sake in Japan. And now you can sample over 100 kinds of sake from the region from the convenience of three major train stations.

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Sake museum Ponshukan is providing visitors with a taste of Niigata conveniently in three of the prefecture’s biggest stations.

Sake museum Ponshukan is providing visitors with a taste of Niigata conveniently in three of the prefecture’s biggest stations.

Sake museum and souvenir mecca Ponshukan is making it easy for visitors to taste some of the best Japanese sake with locations in three of Niigata’s biggest stations. Each of the three locations, Echigo Yuzawa Station, Nagaoka Station, and Niigata Station are jam-packed with local sake, soy sauce, confectionary, miso, and more, all locally made.

Whether you’re a sake aficionado, or just after a quick taste-test, Ponshukan will leave you satisfied. What’s more interesting than the offering of over 100 different sakes is the fact you can try most of these at tasting vending machines. For 500 yen you’ll get five tokens and a small cup for samples. While the variety can be a little dizzying, the staff are always happy to provide recommendations! And if drinking sake doesn’t cut the biting cold of Niigata’s winter, Ponshukan Echigo Yuzawa’s sake-infused bath will give you the energy to get back on the ski slopes! While you unwind in the naturally-heated spring water, the sake’s amino acids will soften your skin, increase blood flow, and give your pores a deep clean.

A jaw-dropping collection of Niigata miso paste, soy sauce, fermented goods, and all kinds of sweet treats are also available for sampling. This comprehensive and carefully selected range will guide you through the complex world of Japanese condiments and confectioneries. Also, if you like a food challenge, Ponshukan has a monstrosity called the “bomb onigiri” at their Echigo Yuzawa and Niigata outlets. Made from local koshi hikari rice and your choice of fillings, the riceball made with four cups worth of rice will surely prove a challenge for even the biggest eaters! If you want a more sensibly sized helping, regular onigiri made using the same techniques are also available.

Ponshukan Echigo Yuzawa

Ponshukan Echigo Yuzawa

Ponshukan invites all visitors to get out of the winter cold and sample over 100 kinds of Niigata sake or refresh yourself in a warm sake bath after tasting the finest of locally made products at three convenient train station locations. The possibilities for your Niigata trip are endless, and less than two hours away from Tokyo. And while you’re in Niigata, we’ve got a few other activities waiting for you on our model itinerary list.


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