Saitama Sake

Savoring Saitama by Sipping on Sake

Saitama is home to two major rivers, the Arakawa and Tone, which provide high-quality water that’s perfect for brewing sake. With over 30 breweries spread throughout the prefecture, you’re invited to come and get a taste of the region yourself. We’ll take a closer look at three top producers.

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Taste the finest sake Japan has to offer in Saitama, only a stone’s throw away from Tokyo.

Taste the finest sake Japan has to offer in Saitama, only a stone’s throw away from Tokyo.

Matsuoka Brewery, founded in 1851, is known for the Mikadomatsu brand which has won gold an impressive eight consecutive years at the National Sake Awards. It draws water from the nearby Chichibu Mountains, where a limestone layer produces water that is mineral-rich yet feels soft. Visitors can reserve a tour of the facilities with tasting available. Give yourself time to look around the shop in a renovated old rice mill and maybe even try soft-serve ice cream made with daiginjo, which is among the highest-quality sake made.

Sample 170 years of history at Gonda Shuzo, the only brewery in Kumagaya. As well as using Saitama’s very own Sake-Musashi rice, the brewery employs a traditional method of sake extraction called funagake, allowing sake in the fermented rice mixture to drip from fabric bags to preserve its delicate, fresh flavor. Incredibly, this can take a couple of days to separate one tank of sake! You can buy their sake directly on site.

Close to the scenic Nagatoro’s scenic river, Nagatorogura has nearly 300 years of history and also uses local rice to produce their brews, like their junmai daiginjo, which won a gold prize at The Fine SAKE Award, Japan, or their junmai gingo, which won a gold prize at the Kura Master event in Paris. You can try these for yourself at the store, where you can also buy local crafts, and peek into the facilities to see how sake is made.

Saitama Sake

Saitama Sake

At around two hours from Tokyo, with easy connections from Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, or Tokyo stations, Saitama’s sake breweries offer an easy day trip and a delicious doorway into the national drink.


Matsuoka Shuzo
Tel: +81 493-72-1234

Gonda Shuzo
Tel: +81 48-532-3611
Web Form:

Fujisaki Sobe Shoten/Nagatorogura
Tel: +81 494-69-0001

Business hours

Matsuoka Brewery
09:00 - 17:30
Closed on weekends.

Gonda Shuzo
09:00 - 18:30(Mon. - Sat.)
Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Fujisaki Sobe Shoten/Nagatorogura
10:00 - 17:00(Thurs. - Mon.)
Closed on Tues. and Wed.

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