Sakura City Samurai Tour

Summon Your Inner Samurai on a Sakura City Walking Tour

Stroll like a samurai in the city of Sakura, home to well-preserved traditional homes, sword masters, and serene bamboo groves that look straight out of a Kurosawa film.

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Put on your finest samurai garb and prepare yourself for an immersive tour in Sakura City.

Put on your finest samurai garb and prepare yourself for an immersive tour in Sakura City.

Without a doubt, one of Japan’s most enduring and mysterious legacies is that left by the samurai. Remnants of those days gone by can still be seen in Chiba Prefecture’s Sakura City. Only 40 kilometers from Tokyo, Sakura has more intact samurai residences than any other city in Japan, which has made it a popular filming location for period movies and dramas. The Former Residence of Lord Hotta has even been listed as one of Japan’s Important Cultural Properties. So if you want to get a real sense of what it’s like to be a samurai, there’s no better place to don traditional robes and take a walk in their shoes.

Walking tours start in Sakura’s old town, among one of the remaining samurai residences in the area, before a sword master teaches you the graceful techniques of samurai swordplay. Take a guided stroll through the bamboo grove of Hiyodorizaka, a gently sloping path shaded by thickets of bamboo clinking orchestrally in the breeze. This spot was given the “Trend Spot Award 2018” by Line Travel jp.

Sakura City Samurai Tour

Sakura City Samurai Tour

Chiba’s Sakura City is a place where the legacy of the samurai lives on to this day. Just an hour from Tokyo by train, visitors can enjoy a stroll through these historic, scenic streets dressed like a samurai, and imagine what life must have been like in days gone by. Check out our model course page for more exciting itinerary ideas!


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