Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko: A Waterside Getaway Beside Mount Fuji

With both heart-pounding and leisure outdoor activities, museums, and views of Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko is a one-of-a-kind nature destination.

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Spend the day at one of Japan’s most popular Mount Fuji viewing spots!

Spend the day at one of Japan’s most popular Mount Fuji viewing spots!

Lake Kawaguchiko is the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes and renowned for its majestic views of Mount Fuji and plethora of outdoor activities. Thanks to its prime Fuji-viewing location, the lake’s eastern shore is well-developed and features a host of tourist facilities, including hotels, museums, and hot springs. At the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum, peruse an assortment of automatic musical instruments and take a stroll through its European-styled gardens. Another noteworthy museum is the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum, which displays a number of beautifully dyed silk kimonos.

For active and outdoor enthusiasts, try paragliding, camping, fishing, hiking, boating, or cycling beside the ever-present form of Mount Fuji. On a clear and still day, the lake’s water mirrors the iconic mountain in a mesmerizing display of nature. Ride the Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway off the lake’s southeastern banks for elevated views of Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji. While Lake Kawaguchiko shines in all seasons, it is especially beautiful in spring and autumn when the already captivating views are enhanced with cherry blossoms and fiery foliage.

As highlighted above, Lake Kawaguchiko is home to an assortment of entertainment facilities and outdoor fun. Closest to Kawaguchiko Station, on the lake’s southeastern shore, are a number of hotels and ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), as well as the Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway. This eastern side also features numerous art museums. Of course, the lake’s northern shore—the side facing Mount Fuji—has a cluster of accommodations, from glamping sites to hotels. Given the area’s surreal natural beauty, the entire perimeter also has plenty of waterside parks where you can enjoy seasonal landscapes.

Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko is the most accessible of the Fuji Five Lakes and is only about a 90-minute drive or roughly two-hour ride via bus or train from central Tokyo. If you prefer train travel, take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku to Otsuki Station, and then transfer to the Fujikyuko Line for Kawaguchiko Station (120 minutes). For a direct trip, take a bus from Shinjuku Bus Terminal to Kawaguchiko Station (about 120 minutes). Mount Fuji is waiting!


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