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Ponshukan Echigo Yuzawa

The pure snow of Niigata is well known for helping to create some of the best sake in Japan. And now you can sample over 100 kinds of sake from the region from the convenience of three major train sta…

Food & Drink Cuisine Onsen(Hot Springs) Shopping Traditions NIIGATA

Zenkoji Temple

Live the life of a Buddhist monk, from early morning meditation to sampling the delectable vegetarian cuisine, while experiencing the peaceful surroundings of Zenkoji Temple in Nagano.

Experience Temples & Shrines Traditions History Food & Drink Relaxing Stay Cuisine NAGANO

Fruit Picking in Gunma

Gunma, home to some of the juiciest fruits and vibrant vegetables in Japan, is waiting for travelers to taste the bounty of the region. And we know just the spot to enjoy the seasonality of the prefec…

Experience Family Fun Food & Drink GUNMA


Spend the night at a centuries old brewery and immerse yourself in the traditional work of sake-making.

Art & Culture Food & Drink Relaxing Stay Experience NAGANO

Koshu Wagyu Beef

The world has fallen in love with wagyu, regional, high-quality Japanese beef. If you’re traveling in the Kanto region, you’ve got to head to Yamanashi Prefecture to try Koshu wagyu beef, the high ran…

Food & Drink Cuisine Shopping YAMANASHI

Yamanashi Wine Country

Yamanashi is the most prolific wine region of Japan with over 140 years of growing experience, producing a third of all the wine made domestically. So there’s simply no better place to tour vineyards …

Art & Culture History Food & Drink Cuisine Experience Shopping Sites Traditions YAMANASHI

Minobusan Kuonji Temple

Waiting high up on Mt. Minobu is an area that just might be the place to catch your breath and center yourself. From the fresh crisp air of the mountains to the morning meditations offered at Kuonji T…

History Food & Drink Relaxing Stay Cuisine Experience Onsen(Hot Springs) Sites Temples & Shrines Traditions YAMANASHI

Edomae Sushi

From traditional delicacy to conveyor belt convenience, sushi in Tokyo has gone through a long journey throughout history. But we might not know the globally popular dish without one clever food stall…

Cuisine Traditions Food & Drink TOKYO

Saitama Sake

Saitama is home to two major rivers, the Arakawa and Tone, which provide high-quality water that’s perfect for brewing sake. With over 30 breweries spread throughout the prefecture, you’re invited to …

Food & Drink Cuisine Shopping Sites Traditions SAITAMA

Ibaraki Umeshu

Just north of Tokyo, Ibaraki is a prefecture of abundant river systems, which have led to the establishment of several breweries. In addition to sake, some breweries specialize in making delicious ume…

Cuisine Shopping Food & Drink IBARAKI

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