Oyama Senmaida

Oyama Senmaida: A Captivating Landscape of Agricultural Japan

Participate in farming activities encircled by over 300 charming rice paddies.

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Witness mesmerizing panoramas at one of Japan’s most beautiful rice terraces!

Witness mesmerizing panoramas at one of Japan’s most beautiful rice terraces!

Oyama Senmaida, situated in southern Chiba on the Boso Peninsula, is recognized as one of Japan’s “100 Best Rice Terraces” and is famous for its hypnotizing views. A combination of both human-touched and natural landscapes, the cascading fields, punctuated by reflective rice paddies and encircled by lush forests, create an enchanting display of nature. Between October and January each year, the Tanada Light Festival is held, promising a sea of lights thanks to the thousands of LED candles that illuminate the rice paddies against the night sky.

The Oyama Senmaida Preservation Society manages the fields and organizes a variety of hands-on farming activities such as rice-planting, weeding, and harvesting throughout the year to promote and preserve Japanese culture. You can also partake in agricultural activities related to soybeans, cotton, and indigo, mochi-making (pounded rice cake) experiences, indigo dyeing, traditional craft experiences, paper-making, and more. The society even has English speaking staff to ensure that everyone can enjoy the activities. With nature’s blessings as your background, experience the labor-intensive, yet rewarding life of farmers and create a deeper connection to your food.

Oyama Senmaida is home to over three hundred rice paddies and was designated as a place of scenic beauty in Chiba in 2002. The Oyama Senmaida Preservation Society is working to protect the fields and pass on rural culture to the next generation in order to preserve the captivating scenery of rice paddies and countryside against the setting sun—a reflection of Japan’s original landscape.

Oyama Senmaida

Oyama Senmaida

Oyama Senmaida is the closest rice terrace to Tokyo and is accessible via trains and buses. From Awa-Kamogawa Station, which you can access from Tokyo on the JR Sotobo Line or JR Sotobo Line Limited Express Wakashio, take a local bus to Oyama Senmaida bus stop. From there, the rice terraces are about a 20-minute walk away.


NPO Oyama Senmaida Preservation Society Tanada Club
Tel: +81 4-7099-9050

Business hours

NPO Oyama Senmaida Preservation Society Tanada Club
Closed every Tuesday (if Tuesday is a holiday, it will be closed the following day)


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