Mt. Nokogiri & Nihonji Temple

Getting Good Vibes at Mystical Mount Nokogiri and Nihonji Temple

Less than two hours from Tokyo in an area of natural marvels, visitors can enjoy the remarkable atmosphere at Nihonji Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple on the mystical Mount Nokogiri. History buffs will love Nihonji, and Japan’s largest historical stone Buddha is carved right into the mountain! (Photo by Tsubasa Muroi.)

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Stare (safely) into the abyss, and marvel at a massive Buddha!

Stare (safely) into the abyss, and marvel at a massive Buddha!

Mount Nokogiri, literally “Saw Mountain,” was named for its resemblance to the teeth of the eponymous cutting tool. Fortunately its environs aren’t quite as frightening as its name might imply, otherwise some might not brave the trip to see the place of dreams for hikers and photographers. (Photo by Futtsu City Tourism Association.)

Located near Hota Station in the town of Kyonan, the imposing granite edifice overlooks the Boso Peninsula, which hangs from the mainland into the waters of the Pacific and comprises much of Chiba Prefecture. For the best views, head to “Hell Point Peak,” a vertigo-inducing viewpoint jutting out from the grey-green cliff face. On drizzly afternoons, fog spills mysteriously over the surrounding range. On a clear day, you may be able to catch sight of Mount Fuji crowning the horizon to the southwest. (Photo by Tsubasa Muroi.)

At the summit of Mount Nokogiri, you’ll be greeted by one of the nation’s most prepossessing statues of Kannon, the Buddhist deity of mercy. The 30-meter-tall carving, created in 1966, is contemporary by Buddhist standards, and serves as a symbol of world peace and good tidings for travelers. (Photo by Tsubasa Muroi.)

On the south side of the mountain, you can visit Nihonji Temple, a Buddhist temple dating back to the eighth century. The temple is accessible by car, ropeway or on foot, and is famed for a more recent addition: a daibutsu (Great Buddha) statue sitting cross-legged in a state of nirvana against the rock face. Carved back in 1783, the statue is a strikingly large figure at 31 meters, dwarfing the famous Kamakura daibutsu just outside Tokyo which stands at a comparatively diminutive 11 meters. (Photo by Tsubasa Muroi. )

Mt. Nokogiri & Nihonji Temple

Mt. Nokogiri & Nihonji Temple

For a thrilling outdoor adventure that takes you to the edge of the abyss (and will leave you feeling dwarfed by enormous statues), look no further than Mt. Nokogiri and Nihonji Temple! It takes about 90 minutes to get there from Tokyo Station by a combination of train and bus, but the time is definitely worth it. The ropeway offers incredible views and a quicker route up the mountain, but anyone who wants to take their time can enjoy an invigorating hike. For more travel ideas, check out our model routes to make the most of your time in and around Tokyo. (Photo by Futtsu City Tourism Association.)


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