Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road

Scenic Cycling on the Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road

Get some fresh air and a fresh new perspective with a cycling tour through the natural wonder of Ibaraki. From the stunning and shimmering Lake Kasumigaura to the majesty of Mount Tsukuba, there’s simply no shortage of sights along the Ring Ring Road.

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To see the natural splendor of Ibaraki you’ve got to hop on a bike and head to Ring Ring Road.

To see the natural splendor of Ibaraki you’ve got to hop on a bike and head to Ring Ring Road.

One of the best ways to explore Japan is by bicycle. Sure, the intricate network of Tokyo's train systems and the eye-watering high speeds of the bullet train are impressive. But if you really want to take in the scenery, discover hidden delights, and really get to know the country, then hop on a bicycle and hit the cycling tracks. Recently, the nation has experienced a cycling renaissance, thanks largely to the government's National Cycle Route Scheme. It's a program showcasing world-class cycling routes, offering visitors the opportunity to discover natural and cultural delights. The Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Ring-Ring Road is one of only three recognized courses under the National Cycle Route Scheme and the most accessible from Tokyo.

This 180-kilometer cycling course is located very close to the Tokyo area, bringing together the former Tsukuba Railway cycling path with Lake Kasumigaura’s lakeside path to create a comprehensive tour through the prefecture's cultural and natural diversity. The trail travels along the same route as the former Tsukuba Railway, giving you glimpses of the majestic Mount Tsukuba and picturesque old station buildings that have been reborn as rest stops.

Perfect for cyclists of all levels and abilities, the Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Ring-Ring Road is divided into multiple courses, offering something different in terms of scenery and challenge level. For those who are traveling light, or don't own a bike, there are 11 pick-up and drop-off rental bike locations along the route, as well as luggage storage facilities and showers, and plenty of mouth-watering restaurants and cafes, making it one of the most convenient, comfortable, and surely unforgettable cycling trips you'll ever embark upon.

Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road

Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road

This exclusive road for cyclists is only an hour from Tokyo by train, and a great way to see the abundant natural wonders of the prefecture while on an active and fun ride that everyone in the family can enjoy. And if you’re looking for other places to check out during your ride, we’ve got a few model itineraries for you to consider here.


Ibaraki Sports Promotion Division Department of Residential and Environmental Affairs
978-6 kasaharacho, Mito City, Ibaraki 310-0852

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+81 29-301-2735


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