Nikko Yamabushi Bike Tour

Take to the mountains with the Nikko Yamabushi Bike Tour

Yamabushi refers to an ancient Japanese ascetic practice of mindfulness, and along this unique cycling route, visitors will gain a new understanding of Japanese spirituality. Immaculate natural surroundings and well-maintained cycle roads make this tour any adventurous traveler’s dream.

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Delve deep into Japan’s spiritual heartland, two-wheeled steed at your side.

Delve deep into Japan’s spiritual heartland, two-wheeled steed at your side.

Yamabushi can be translated as "monks of the Shugendo", or monks who venture to the mountains to partake in a special kind of worship and mindfulness. Visitors to Tochigi prefecture can take part in a special bike tour that sees participants doing a seven-day cycle through the historic area, passing along snaking paths through picturesque mountains, taking part in unique ceremonies linked to these practices and learning about the way of life.

It includes the shrines and temples of Nikko, which achieved UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999. The complex there is made up of 103 religious buildings within two Shinto shrines and one Buddhist temple. They’ve been closely linked to the figure of the Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Cycle enthusiasts and curious adventurers alike will be amazed by the incredible natural beauty of Tochigi Prefecture. By becoming a “modern-day Yamabushi” monk, visitors will gain an appreciation for ancient Japanese ways of living while touring the country on epic cycle trails. Gourmet meals along the way include a selection of Japanese delicacies such as soba noodles, Wagyu beef and a multi-course traditional Japanese dinner (“kaiseki”), while accommodations include comfortable resort hotels famous as VIP landing spots, many featuring hot springs. With a dedicated support team available throughout the tour, visitors can immerse themselves in a worry-free experience.

Nikko Yamabushi Bike Tour

Nikko Yamabushi Bike Tour

This well-curated, 7-day cycling tour spans 270 kilometers (169 miles) beginning in Nasu, Tochigi and ending in Tanigawa. Planned excursions and hikes along the way give participants a deep understanding of the cultural and historical background of their trek. Professional guides provide visitors personalized insights and exclusive tips on the area, making for an authentic experience with Japanese spirituality and adventure. Come for the views and cycling excitement, and learn more about Japan than expected by the end of your 7-day journey.

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